Jennifer (Seaton Carew)

" I had just failed my 4th test with my previous driving instructor when I was recommended to go with Ian. The difference in tuition technique was amazing and I passed my test with only two minor marks. I realised I wasn't even ready to take those previous tests and had wasted all of that money and time.

Thanks a million Ideal S.O.M. "

Sam (Hartlepool)

" I passed my test with Ian a few months ago 1st time with no minor marks whatsoever. Even the examiner said in these days that is quite rare. Ian instills confidence and makes sure that students are able and properly prepared for the test

Cheers Ian "

Lyndsey (Seaton Carew)

" Ian is my 3rd driving instructor and my lessons are now a pleasure. I was always on edge with my other instructors so I wasn't really taking in what I was supposed to be doing. Ian is so relaxed and easy going and explains things in a way that I can understand. I love my lessons now and am looking forward to my test soon.

Thank you very much "