About Me

The driving school was established in 1977 but I had worked for a few years prior to that so my overall experience totals 35 years plus...... probably the most experienced instructor working in the hartlepool area.

During that time i have taught almost 2000 people to successfully pass the test. I have never during that time ever raised my voice to a pupil and pride myself on my patience and understanding with first time drivers and nervous pupils.

I particularly like remedial teaching. I.E. where someone has failed tests with other schools and then come to me. I have never had a pupil that didn't say that they should have come to me in the first place.

I would say that virtually all of the people who come to me having failed the test with other schools should never have been put in for the test therefore causing themselves disappointment but also considerable extra expense. In the long run it pays to be taught properly with someone who really knows what they are doing. Not giving rash promises to pass in unacheivable times just to get your money and with someone who genuinely cares.

I also offer aid and explanation with the theory test. Also information regarding "in car examiner test questions".

I offer pass plus courses and also refresher lessons for people not sure about modern requirements.

I am an active member of the hartlepool premier independant driving instructors association which was formed to promote proper and correct procedures for driving instruction in the hartlepool area.

I am also the driving instructors representative on the councils "traffic liason group" therefore being able to give an input towards greater safety and mobility in the hartlepool area.

I have also taken tests to be an examiner and was successful so i do know the business from the other side. My relationship with the driving standards agency is and will always be excellent. I have never had an argument with an examiner about a test result ever.

Summing up, examiners quite rightly are not going to pass people who are not ready. Thats got to be the case for the pupil but also the general public. The pass rate throughout the country is roughly 40% and only 1 in 4 people pass first time.